Presenting the NLR Elite Range

Elite Frame
The Elite is the best-value aluminium profile cockpit. Specifically, the Elite cockpit’s patent-pending design brings unparalleled rigidity and stability. This innovation sets a new price point, consequently making it the best mid-range aluminium profile cockpit on the market. With attention to detail and engineering as seen on our Elite series, every Elite product compared to mid-range cockpits in its class is more rigid, easier to assemble, and provides more inclusions, while providing a higher quality finish.
While constructed to suit the mid-range category with a “4080” profile, through advanced engineering and manufacturing, combined with unique components, fixtures, and reinforcements, the Elite is the most rigid mid-range cockpit. Through this innovative process, the Elite in some cases is stronger than the conventional “16040” racing cockpit seen on the market.
Conventional corner brackets are now things of the past. In contrast, the Elite cockpits utilize an innovative approach with its 8mm thick Carbon Steel Reinforced Upright Direct Mounting plates. As a result, the Elite boasts stronger support and connection between the vertical uprights and the base of the chassis. Furthermore, to eliminate any movement and increase the clamping force between the components, custom-engineered full channel width spring ball T-slot nuts are strategically used throughout the build. Additionally, through bolts are employed in areas that require higher clamp force and rigidity. The 8mm Carbon Steel Sandwich Plate also provides a connection between the vertical uprights and the pedal plate to lock in and increase the support between the structural parts of the cockpit. Similarly, the strength continues with precision machined holes to bolt the base of the profile directly for a more rigid foundation.
NLR Seat Sliders

The innovative Next Level Racing® Seat Sliding System has been designed and engineered, specifically to address and eliminate the issue of flex found in conventional seat sliders used in simulators. Moreover, the NLR ratchets are provided to easily slide your seat back and forth. This feature facilitates finding the desired position for a flex-free racing experience.


Additionally, the Next Level Racing® Seat Brackets are built from 4mm carbon steel. This construction provides the strength required for competitive racers. Furthermore, the new design offers a wide range of adjustments, supporting multiple seating positions with 55 adjustment combinations. Also, users have the option to use the included Universal seat brackets. As a result, these brackets provide height and angle adjustability for bottom-mounting seats, introducing a new range of adjustments for bottom-mounting seat users. This innovation allows for more fine-tuning, resulting in a more unique racing experience. Finally, the Next Level Racing® Elite Sim Racing Seats are highly recommended for use with the Elite range of cockpits. These seats have been specifically designed and optimized to meet the needs of elite sim racers.

Ease of Assembly

Equally important, designing custom components and using advanced manufacturing processes, including precision machined holes in the aluminium profile, will facilitate easier assembly and a more rigid connection as the profile bolts together. As a result, the improved design significantly reduces the hassles of aligning fiddly corner brackets, effectively making them a thing of the past. Combining the ease of assembly with the laser-etched line on any Elite product profile helps you to get racing quicker than any other aluminum cockpit before. Each piece is individually placed in our custom foam packaging to ensure the safety of the product while in transport, providing a great user experience from the time the packaging is opened, completing the Elite experience.

Matrix of Elite

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