Presenting the NLR Elite 160 Range

Elite 160 Frame
Introducing the Next Level Racing® Elite 160, the ultimate simulator cockpit designed for top-tier racers. Indeed, this model stands out for its commitment to quality and unparalleled rigidity for racers who seek the best in racing equipment. The Elite 160 edition is a product of thorough research and user feedback. As a result, Elite 160 excels in providing a flex-free, high-quality aluminium extrusion simulation cockpit experience. The Elite 160 features premium anodized high-grade aluminium, powder-coated carbon steel components, and custom Next Level Racing® end caps and T-slot nuts, emphasizing quality. Additionally, racers will appreciate the Elite 160 edition’s vast adjustability and customization options. It is also seamlessly compatible with the Next Level Racing® Motion ecosystem. Lastly, combining top-notch materials, extensive adjustability, and compatibility; the Elite 160 delivers an unmatched premium immersive experience. Unquestionably, there should be no compromise when it comes to premium simulation cockpits, as the Elite 160 edition stands as a testament to this for the Elite user. Significantly, the Elite 160 emerges as the ideal choice for those who demand nothing but the best.
F-GT Elite 160

In aluminum extrusion cockpits, the Elite 160 distinguishes itself where quality and strength are often compromised. Remarkably, this exceptional product features flex-free aluminum extrusion and a bespoke Next Level Racing® 160mm x 40mm profile, ensuring unmatched strength at the base of the cockpit. 

Additionally, the Elite 160 is constructed with a premium thick-walled profile and a unique 160mm X 40mm profile for the cockpit’s base, weighing a total of 60kg. This specialized shape of the base profile not only adds extra strength but also enhances aesthetics. Furthermore, the precisely designed multi-folded pedal plates, when combined with thick carbon steel, eliminate deflection and flex, creating a stronger and more rigid platform for attaching high-performance electronics. The robustness of the any Elite 160 product is evident in FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Tests. This demonstrates its superior design compared to other flat steel or aluminum designs in conventional cockpits. 

Notably, the Pedal Deck strength is equivalent to 18.44mm steel or 26.5mm aluminum.

The bespoke sliding pedal plates and wheel plates are specifically designed to allow easy and quick adjustments for pedal distance. Additionally, equipped with two slotted 5mm carbon steel pedal plates featuring double precision folds, this setup guarantees supreme rigidity and straightforward compatibility. Moreover, the pedal tray and wheel plate area, complemented by laser-etched markings on the aluminum profile, aid in making precise adjustments. In conjunction with custom Next Level Racing® Shoulder Bolts, these features offer a high degree of angle, height, and distance adjustments, to achieve the perfect racing position.

Elite 160 Compatibility

The Elite 160 products arrive pre-drilled for major steering wheel and pedal manufacturers, but features unique laser-engraved guides and pre-machined slots for the perfect driving experience. With this in mind, the printed guides assist the users in achieving a perfect ergonomic setup in Formula, Hybrid, GT, Truck, and Tank driving positions.

Elite 160 Ease Of Use

By intentionally designing custom components and employing advanced manufacturing techniques for precision-machined holes in the aluminum profile, NLR facilitates easier assembly and ensure a more rigid connection when the profile bolts together. Consequently, the improved design effectively eliminates the hassles of aligning fiddly corner brackets, making them a thing of the past. Combining the ease of assembly with the laser-etched line markings on the profile helps you to get racing quicker. Each piece is individually placed in our custom foam packaging to ensure the safety of the product while in transport. This provides a seamless user experience from the time the packaging is opened.

Elite 160 Info

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