Next Level Racing® Introduces Lite Series with Two New Additions and Expands Flight Simulator Range at An Affordable Price

Next Level Racing® is excited to introduce the Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Lite, a cutting-edge foldable flight simulator. The Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Lite, targeted at entry-level flight simulation enthusiasts, provides a new immersive flight environment in a lightweight form-factor unlike any other.

The Flight Simulator Lite is the perfect cockpit for users with limited space but still demands a rigid and immersive flight solution. The Flight Simulator Lite is compatible with yokes, joystick, throttle, and rudders to suit both Commercial and Combat flight, enthusiasts. It is compatible with all significant electronics for racing and flight. The innovative Next Level Racing® Hubs provide rigidity while allowing quick setup and easy folding functionality for storage.

“We are proud to introduce our new Flight Simulator Lite cockpit, which was conceptualized and created thanks to extensive research on the flight sim market. The new cockpit, while aimed at the entry-level enthusiast, offers unparalleled compatibility and versatility for users to experience true immersion at a highly competitive price point.” – Hess Ghah, CEO of Next Level Racing®

The F-GT Lite/GT Lite Flight Pack, an add-on for the Next Level Racing® F-GT Lite and GT Lite cockpits, is also available from Next Level Racing®. With a joystick and throttle mount on both ends, the latest Flight Pack easily converts racing cockpits into flight solutions. A side mouse tray and a central keyboard tray are included in the package for quick navigation, offering users a complete flight simulation with the same cockpit.

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