Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition

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  • For Xbox use, TCA Quadrant must be connected to TCA Yoke Boeing Edition
  • 3 axes with swappable levers + 17 action buttons
  • Connector for optional external TFRP or TPR rudder system (sold separately)
  • Enjoy a realistic and comfortable flight experience with the included 100% metal mounting system

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Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition
Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition
Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition
Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition
Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition



All throttle quadrant levers (4 included) can be swapped, allowing for an ambidextrous flight experience thanks to the ability to place the speed brake and flaps levers in the user’s choice of position.





Inspired by the real-world sensations experienced with the real Boeing Dreamliner throttle quadrant, TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition replicates the actual resistance force felt by pilots when moving the thrust levers up or down.





TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition includes the iconic Boeing autopilot feature for realistic control of the aircraft’s altitude, airspeed and heading. The design and operation of this rotary knob were also inspired by the real Boeing Dreamliner throttle quadrant.





TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition features proprietary H.E.A.R.T magnetic technology, for surgical precision (16-bit resolution) on each of the flight controllers’ main axes (yoke and throttle quadrant).



TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition


Width: 5.1 inches / 130 mm

Depth: 7.7 inches / 195 mm

Height: 5.9 inches / 150 mm


1.3 lb / 600 g

8 in stock

  • 1 x TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition
  • Throttle quadrant: 4 x interchangeable levers, 1 x crossbar, 2 x attachment pieces
  • 1 x connection poster, 1 x spring installation flyer

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