Next Level Racing GT Elite Lite Wheel Plate Edition

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Next Level Racing GT Elite Lite Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing GT Elite Lite Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing GT Elite Lite Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing GT Elite Lite Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing GT Elite Lite Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing GT Elite Lite Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing GT Elite Lite Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing GT Elite Lite Wheel Plate Edition


Taller Aluminium Profile for Wheel Mount Uprights Allowing for Wider Range of Driving Positions and Users

Rigid And Highly Adjustable Mounting Supports Included for Your Seat, Wheel, Pedals, 

Pedal Position Height, Angle and Distance Adjustable

Premium Packaging Including Double Boxing and Foam Moulded Cut Outs for Aluminium Profile and Parts

Fully Enclosed Base Frame for Strength and Aesthetics as Well As One Piece Aluminium Profiles for Rigidity Required for Motion

Compatible With All Major Brands of Electronics for Major Brands of Wheels and Pedals Including Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Logitech, Simxperience and Many More

 Upgradable To Be Compatible with Next Level Racing® Motion Products and Other Accessories

 All The Extra’s Included Such as NLR Flex Free Seat Slider System, Height Adjustable Shock Absorption Feet, Buttkicker® Gamer 2 Adaptor, Cable Management Clips, And Tool Kit Holder



Build your own Elite Journey with the best value aluminium profile cockpit. The GTElite Lite cockpit’s patent-pending design brings rigidity and stability into a new price point making it the best mid-range aluminium profile cockpit on the market. With attention to detail and engineering as seen on our Elite series, the GTElite Lite compared to mid-range cockpits in its class is more rigid, easier to assemble, provides more inclusions, while providing a higher quality finish.


While constructed to suit the mid-range category with a “4080” profile, through cutting edge engineering and manufacturing, combined with unique components, fixtures, and reinforcements, the GTElite Lite is the most rigid mid-range cockpit. Through this innovative process, the GTElite Lite in some cases is stronger than conventional “16040” cockpits seen on the market. 

With an extensive ecosystem in mind, the GTElite Lite is upgradable to be compatible with Next Level Racing® Motion Products and can be transformed into a multi-position cockpit solution with the ready set kits*.


*Motion Kit and Formula kit need to be purchased separately.




Conventional corner brackets are things of the past. The GTELite Lite Cockpit utilizes an 8mm thick Carbon Steel Reinforced Upright Direct Mounting plates, for a stronger reinforcement and connection between the vertical uprights and the base of the chassis. To eliminate any movement and increase the clamping force between the components, custom-engineered full channel width spring ball T-slot nuts are used throughout the build + through bolts for areas that require higher clamp force and rigidity. The 8mm Carbon Steel Sandwich Plate also provides a connection between the vertical uprights and the pedal plate to lock in and increase the reinforcement between the structural parts of the cockpit. The strength continues with precision machined holes to bolt the base of the profile directly for a more rigid foundation.  





High-end features like strong wheel and pedal base like never seen before now available at a mid-range price point. Precisely designed multi-folded wheel, pedal, plates combined with thick carbon steel removes deflection and flex to provide a stronger and more rigid platform for users to attach their highest performing electronics. The strength can be seen in the FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Tests comparing the innovative GTElite Lite plate designs to other flat steel or aluminium designs seen in conventional cockpits on the market. 

Wheel Deck –equivalent to 14.3mm steel or 20.85mm aluminium 

Pedal Deck – equivalent to 10.84mm steel or 15.83mm aluminium





The innovative Next Level Racing® Seat Sliding System has been designed and engineered to eliminate the issue of flex found in conventional seat sliders used in simulators. The NLR ratchets are included to easily slide your seat back and forth to find the desired position for a flex-free racing experience. The Next Level Racing® Elite Sim Racing Seats are the recommended seats to use with the Elite range of cockpits as they have been designed and optimized for elite sim racers.





Equipping the user with all the gear needed for the most authentic sim racing experience 

  • Premium anodizing quality and finish aluminium profile with custom NLR end caps
  • Laser-etched logos and line markings for easier and quicker adjustments
  • ButtKicker Gamer 2 Adaptor
  • Flex free seat slider system
  • Pedal slider system for quicker distance adjustments, with easy alignment laser line guides 
  • Next Level Racing® Custom Feet with height-adjustable shock-absorption feet
  • 6 x Next Level Racing® Custom Cable Clips holding up to 4 larger cables or 8 smaller gauged cables
  • Next Level Racing® Tool Kit Holder to have your tools for adjustment connected to the cockpit for when needed as well as a magnetic spirit level for precision
  • Taller aluminium profile for wheel mount uprights allowing more leg clearance for a wider range of users and driving positions
  • Larger wheel deck allowing attachment of accessories and peripherals