Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus + Moza R3 Bundle

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Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus

  • Compatible with wide range of wheels and pedals including Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec, and Moza Racing, wide range of entry-level to direct drive wheels
  • Designed for both children and adults ranging from 110-200 cm or 3'7" – 6'7" or up to waist size 40”

MOZA R3 Bundle

  • Officially Licensed for Xbox
  • Ultra-low FFB Latency & Steering Response



Unleash the thrill of sim racing for the entire family with the Next Level Racing® Go Kart Plus cockpit. Engineered to accommodate both children and adults, its ergonomic design replicates the authentic Go Karting position, ensuring comfort and immersion for racers of varying heights from 110-200 cm and body types. The Go Kart Plus cockpit configuration can be used for a wide range of racing game titles. The custom-designed Go Kart style seat, complete with a premium fabric cover, enhances the racing experience while providing easy cleaning options for parents. Equipped with the Next Level Racing® Lockable Castor wheels, the Go Kart Plus can effortlessly move between rooms for convenient storage when not in use.



Attain a training advantage that the Next Level Racing® Go Kart Plus cockpit provides. With its compatibility with Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform and Traction Plus Platform*, you can experience a new dimension of racing realism that aids in honing your skills. The cockpit's sturdy construction can withstand high-end load cell and hydraulic pedals, ensuring that your training sessions are as rigorous as your competition. Whether you're perfecting your racing lines or practicing flawless overtakes, the Go Kart Plus cockpit is your dedicated training partner, helping you push your limits and emerge as a racing champion.


*Requires Go Kart Plus Motion Adaptor Kit

R3 Bundle Specifications

Go Kart Plus Specifications

  • Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus
  • Moza Racing R3 Direct Drive Base & Pedal Bundle

At Pagnian we stand by Next Level Racing products with a full 12 month warranty so you can shop in confidence knowing we have your back. Even if you are out of your warranty period our team of simulation experts will still will assist any problem that you have as much as possible.