Moza KS Sim Racing Steering Wheel

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  • 300mm Butterfly Style GT Wheel
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites
  • 8-Color RPM LED Light
  • Hall Sensor Magnetic Paddle with Dual Clutch
  • MOZA Quick Release

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Moza KS Sim Racing Steering Wheel
Moza KS Sim Racing Steering Wheel
Moza KS Sim Racing Steering Wheel
Moza KS Sim Racing Steering Wheel
Moza KS Sim Racing Steering Wheel
Moza KS Sim Racing Steering Wheel
Moza KS Sim Racing Steering Wheel
Moza KS Sim Racing Steering Wheel

MOZA KS Steering Wheel


300mm Butterfly Style GT Wheel

The KS is MOZA's E-sports ready, GT style racing wheel. With its sleek butterfly design and 300mm size, this wheel is built to deliver the ultimate immersion and realism.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites

The KS wheel case is crafted from carbon fiber reinforced composites, which provide superior texture, durability and strength. Additionally, the quick-release connection structure has been strengthened using high-strength steel to ensure ultimate firmness and security during the sharpest turns at maximum force feedback.

Programmable 0.25mm Short Travel RGB Buttons 

The KS wheel features 10 short-travel RGB buttons, featuring 8 customizable colors for a personalized gaming experience. These buttons are designed to deliver quick, responsive triggers that simulate the authentic force, feel, and sound of real racing wheels. With just 0.25mm button travel, you can enjoy lightning-fast responsiveness that is 60% faster than ordinary buttons. Furthermore, the industry-leading button force of 600gf encourages confidence and consistency by preventing accidental presses. To add a high-tech feel to your setup, the KS wheel comes with transparent button stickers that can be easily customized to match your preferences.

8-Color RPM LED Light

With 10 high-brightness LED lights, you can customize up to 8 colors, offering an impressive 100 million possible combinations. But that's not all - with the added ability to customize the RPM indicator switch mode and timing, you'll have complete control over your racing setup.  

An Open Ecosystem

The MOZA KS wheel is the epitome of versatility, designed to work seamlessly with all MOZA wheelbases while also being compatible with 3rd party wheelbases via direct connection to PC.

Hall Sensor Magnetic Paddle with Dual Clutch

Crafted from anodized aluminum. our KS magnetic paddles are both sleek and durable, providing a premium look and feel that will stand the test of time. Utilizing non-contact hall sensors with a precision of 0.03mm, the paddles are super stable and provide an unbeatable level of control. Additionally, the pre-installed silencer pads ensure a smooth and noise-free shifting experience.


With lower clutch paddles that can be toggled between single clutch or dual clutch mode, or even programmed as a switch, pro racers can utilize the dual clutch mode in top racing titles such as iRacing and the F1 series. 

Light Weight Design

The KS wheel boasts an impressively low weight of 1220g, achieved through the use of lightweight materials and a carefully optimized structure. The light weight results in a lower moment of inertia, enhancing the wheel's responsiveness and its ability to accurately replicate road textures and details.

Injection Moulded TPE Rubber Grips

The TPE grips provide a soft precise feel whilst delivering superior grip and high friction forces needed for accurate steering control. To enhance the durability of the wheel, the grips are coated with a layer of corrosion-resistant material that protects against wear and tear.

MOZA Quick Release

MOZA's quick release system ensures a seamless wheel transition in seconds. Enjoy a stable, solid connection that works across the whole MOZA ecosystem.

MOZA Pit House Control Suite

The Pit House steering wheel control page features a user-friendly interface that allows you to test the functionality of your wheel, adjust settings for dual-clutch paddle mode, and select between knob and joystick modes. You can also customize the gear shift indicator light color, brightness, and timing, and adjust button colors.

Ergonomic Design

The KS boasts a true-to-life GT feel with its comfortable yet firm grip, providing drivers with optimal control on the track. The indentations on the grips offer a comfortable secure hold on the wheel with or without gloves. Carefully positioned joysticks, buttons and switches provide the driver with quick intuitive access to all adjustments needed in the heat of battle.

Three 12-position Rotary Encoders, Two 20-position Thumb Encoders, 2 Depressible Joysticks, and 70 Programmable Input Signals

The KS features 70 fully programmable input signals that cater to all driving needs. On-the-fly car adjustments are faster than ever with both thumb and rotary encoders. Make rapid changes to brake bias, traction control, engine maps, ABS and much more. The two joysticks allow for full menu navigation, meaning you can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.


Size300mm standard GT wheel
Paddle Material Aluminum alloy
Magnetic Shifter Paddles2
Clutch Paddles2
Luminous Short Travel Buttons10
Joysticks ( depressible)2
Thumb Encoders2
Rotary Encoders3
High Brightness LEDs10
LED Colors8
Intelligent TelemetrySupported
Fully Adjustable RPM Leds through MOZA Pit HouseSupported
Release MethodMOZA Quick Release
Communication MethodWireless or via Industrial Conductive Slip Ring
Paddle SensorNon-contact Hall Sensor
Dual Clutch Paddle ModesCombined Axis/Independent Axis/button
Knob ModesButton or dial
CompatibilityAll MOZA wheelbases and 3rd party wheelbases
3rd party base expansion portSupported

93 in stock

  • KS Steering Wheel
  • Dust Bag
  • MOZA Stickers

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Julie M.
Australia Australia


Very prompt delivery with no issues.

Anthony A.
Australia Australia

Moza gear

I recently purchased the CRP pedals, KS wheel and R9. All are awesome built and hooked straight up to Pit House. No issues at all.

Tony T.
Australia Australia

I love this wheel , the buttons are perfectly positioned, the shift paddles and really nice feel to them .

Greg B.
Australia Australia

Moza KS Wheel

A beautiful design and very ergonomic. Lighter weight to the FSR and GS wheels with similar level functionality. Only grievances are that the shift paddles are alot closer to the back of the wheel which until you get used to it does impede on shifting due to contact with fingers especially for people with large hands like myself. Other than that a brilliant piece of kit and a very competative price.

Andrew H.
Australia Australia

Moza R12 DD & KS Wheel

Great pairing, feel for track is outstanding. Pairs well with my BJ Racing Load cell pedals. Very