Buttkicker Gamer 2 - 240V Australian Version

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Buttkicker Gamer 2 - 240V Australian Version
"... A must have for any Sim Racer..9/10"

  • The ButtKicker Gamer2 lets you feel all of the action from your games and simulators right under your seat.
  • Feel the gut-wrenching punch of machine-gun fire, the pounding of chopper blades, explosions, racing engines, gear shifts, rumble strips, landing gear, engine throttle and more.
  • Turn down or turn off your subwoofer and still feel all the bass - even while using headphones.
  • Take your game or sim to the next level of realism.

240V Australian Version
12 Month Australian Warranty

The all new Buttkicker Power Amplifier BKA-130-C has:

  •  Rock-solid amp that cranks 90 Watts of power into your seat.
  •  It’s convection-cooled with vents so there’s no noisy fan.
  • Includes all the wires you need to use it with your PC. Please note: Everyone's setup can be different when using consoles which means you may need to purchase additional adapters depending on your setup
  • Easy-Clamp™ mechanism lets you easily attach it to your chair.

Home to Australia's #1 Racing Simulator Cockpits

  • Feel every bump, the power of the engine and even gear shifts
  • A must have for any sim racer as it's adds the next level of realism
  • Completely compatible with the following Next Level Simulators: GTpro, GTxtreme, GTutltimate.
  • No modification required.
  • The ButtKicker Gamer brings all types of games to life, including sim racing and flight sims. Feel the power of an engine, gear shifts and even crashes.

  • Everything you need to attach the ButtKicker Gamer2 to your computer is included!
    *** Completely compatible with all Next Level Simulators - No modification required.***
  • ButtKicker Gamer with Easy Clamp™attachment mechanism
  • ButtKicker Power Amplifier BKA-130-C 240V Australian model
  • 13.5' cable with quick release connecting ButtKicker Gamer to the Amplifier
  • RCA and mini "Y" adapters
  • 5' RCA to RCA cable and 5' RCA to mini cable
  • Two Velcro® cable holders