B.J. Hydraulic 1000psi Pedals

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   Key Features

  • Click >> Pedals Instruction/Calibration 
  • Best value hydraulic sim pedals on the market 
  • 1000 PSI hydraulic with Wildwood master cylinder
  • European build quality
  • Free Delivery Australia Wide


  • Official Distributor 
  • Pagnian Approved
  • PC Compatible 
  • Shipped from Australia 

60 in stock
B.J.Sim Racing Hydraulic GT Pedals - Pagnian Advanced Simulation
B.J.Sim Racing Hydraulic GT Pedals - Pagnian Advanced Simulation
B.J.Sim Racing Hydraulic GT Pedals - Pagnian Advanced Simulation


B.J Sim Racing 1000 PSI Hydraulic GT Pedals

Get the winning edge with better performance, more control, and faster laptimes with the latest BJ Hydraulic Sim Racing Pedals

With increasing feedback and demand from our customers on offering high-end professional pedals. We decided to extensively test various brands of pedals over many months. BJ Sim Racing was a stand-out for us in terms of quality, value, and performance. It was a no-brainer for us to bring them abroad as Pagnian Approved products to offer our Australian and New Zealand customers. We are proud not only to be able to provide the BJ Products to our local customers but also local pre and after sales support, warranty and shipping for a great customer experience.



When it comes to braking in simulation the pinnacle of precision and immersion can only be found with a Hydraulic brake set up. B.J. Simracing have set the new standard with a genuine Wilwood slave cylinder and pump commonly used in the racing industry, if you want the most realistic pedals on the market for your sim set up this is it.


With precise control being the goal on high end pedals BJR have made sure the accelerator and clutch are not using old style potentiometers, we have all had our experiences with potentiometers. B.J. opted to go with a Frictionless Magnetic Hall Sensor on both the clutch and accelerator pedal giving unbelievable precise control.


Adjustments on the B.J. pedal range is huge! On the pedal distance travel, you can adjust limit from 40mm all the way to 82mm this converted in angle from 12° to 23° of travel all done with just 2 bolts. The pedal height is adjustable in 4mm increments with the total height adjustment being 20mm from its lowest to the highest position. On the same 5 adjustments you can also adjust the pedal face angle up to 20°.

On the back of both the Throttle and Clutch pedal there is an adjustable metal spring for pre-load which is amazing when optimizing your pedal set up for the way you race. There are 4 additional adjustment positions to control the stiffness on the Throttle pedal.


  • 1000 psi Hydraulic Braking System featuring a Geniune Wilwood Master Cylinder
  • 3mm thick stainless-steel body construction
  • 8mm diameter throttle, clutch, and brake stems
  • Magnetic Hall clutch and accelerator sensor
  • 8mm thick base plate with multiple mounting options
  • 16-bit Resolution Leo Bodnar PCB
  • Completely adjustable pedal travel and height
  • By using a 16-bit Resolution Leo Bodnar PCB these high-end pedals offer fantastic EMI filtering which is a must if you have a motion platform or large force feedback wheel on your Sim Rig setup.

60 in stock

  • Throttle pedal
  • Hydraulic Brake pedal
  • Clutch pedal
  • BJ universal base
  • 12 M6 square neck bolts
  • 12 nuts M6 blinds
  • USB cable
  • 2x M6 stainless steel screws for fastening
  • Instruction Manual

At Pagnian we stand by BJR  products with a full 12 month warranty so you can shop in confidence knowing we have your back. Even if you are out of your warranty period our team of simulation experts will still will assist any problem that you have as much as possible. 

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Jacques B.
Australia Australia

Well it’s still early days My muscle memory needs to catch up to the new thresholds but I am enjoying them very much so far At this point I would say I don’t find them an advantage but I’m quickly becoming a familiar Setting them up in a way that would give me an advantage It’s very impressive indeed with what the future holds for me and these pedals Even though there’s still quite a bit of learning to do

Juan G.
Australia Australia

Sim Dad review of B.J. Sim Racing 1000psi Hydraulic GT Pedals

Real life hardware in a simulator environment. Initial thoughts on B.J. Sim Racing 1000psi Hydraulic GT Pedals. Also in https://youtu.be/AAlullYcNas. It comes pre-assembled from the factory, secured in place on a thick pedal plate. This pedal plate can be used by those without an existing compatible pedal plate. The pedals are quite stacked too closely though so it may not be comfortable for long stints. A proper pedal plate is recommended so you can spread them out to suit your needs and comfort level. I used my existing Trak Racer TR160 pedal plate, for example. Initial impression - pedals are really good and well designed. I would say these pedals are built to last as the materials are of good quality. The brake master and slave cylinders are from Wilwood, which is a trusted brand in automotive and motorsports braking systems. The pedals are aesthetically pleasing as well, sporty. They look so much better compared to the pedals of my Kia Sorento and Volvo XC90. There are no **** looking welds to spoil the look. The size of footrests are perfect. The vertical position of the footrests, as well as the overall height and tilt for each pedal can be adjusted to suit your preference. A user manual in English is provided to easily get going. Since the pedals are pre-assembled, you can pretty much set it up right away. All you need to do is mount them on the sim rig, connect the USB cable to the PC, and calibrate. The calibration is very straightforward, just follow the instructions in the manual and you are set. I ended up configuring the throttle resistance to a softer level. The factory setting was quite stiff and hard on the right leg which can cause soreness after a long stint, and honestly makes it harder to modulate. Not a problem though if you do leg days . After a couple of days usage, the throttle started squeaking - not a big deal if you have a lubricant handy. I use WD-40 Dry PTFE. It is worth noting that the edges of the pedals are somewhat sharp. It did scrape my hand when it slipped to one of the pedal's edges while loosening the throttle bolts while adjusting the stiffness. I don't do barefeet or sock driving hence that is not an issue for me. For those who do though, you may need to file the edges to round them a bit - a few minutes job, or use shoes especially if you do heel-toe downshifting. The clutch pedal has a 2-stage feel where it's initially soft then at a certain threshold, it will "snap" into engagement, providing that realistic sensation. It probably won't be noticeable in-game except during standing starts. I personally like it. The brake pedal is the heart and soul of this unit. I say so because it's what makes it pricier compared to the load cell version. If you ask me why I purchased the hydraulic pedals instead of the load cell version, the answer is simple. I already tried a load cell type pedal and I have been interested to know for the longest time how a sim hydraulic brake pedal feels, how close will it be compared to real car hydraulics. I have not been in a GT3 car so I don't think I can even remotely compare this to the real deal. I can only compare it to my daily drivers. The braking sensation is similar whereby you can feel the progression of the brake force albeit stiffer compared to my car's brakes - which makes sense. I assume that is an expected characteristic of race car brakes that is being simulated as well. There have been no leaks on my limited tests which is a relief. I have used mine for only a couple of weeks now so these are just my initial thoughts. I must say though even with the limited testing done that I am satisfied with the pedals. Inputs are more accurate - throttle control and trailbraking. It enabled me to smash my previous personal best on Assetto Corsa Competizione's Mount Panorama on 3 consecutive laps, the final one by 2 tenths of a second, from 2.00.8 to 2.00.6. That does not sound much, but consider that Bathurst is one of the toughest tracks to be consistently fast in. I also did it in only a few laps after mounting the pedals, and in almost factory settings. I am hopeful of even faster times once muscle memory kicks in. It is a hydraulic brake unit so it is important to note that it uses brake fluid for its operation. Brake fluid is quite toxic and hazardous to humans and pets so handle it with utmost care. If you are thinking of purchasing a hydraulic unit like this, I highly recommend evaluating health and safety considerations where you will operate the simulator. Be prepared to maintain the hydraulic brake system to keep it in tip top shape as well. There are 2 things I noticed about the brake pedal. While on heavy use, the bolt at the end of the secondary cylinder tends to loosen - I've fixed this by adding another set of washer and bolt at the tip. I also noticed that the brake pedal do not "snap" into position 100% - like there is a bit of a dead zone. It do

Wesley E.
Australia Australia

BJ Hydraulic pedals

No bad so far. Best pedals I've had. Can feel and trail brake better

Paul B.
Australia Australia

Unreal difference using hydraulic

Steve S.
Australia Australia

Built like a tank!!

I'm a long-time Pagnian customer who took a chance on these, buying them from Europe a while back as nobody seemed to stock them. Looking past the odd brand name these are probably the most serious set of pedals I've ever ripped around a racetrack on. The Hydraulic feature for the brake is in a class of its own. Puts my V3's back into the toy bucket. Just a bit ****** I got them the hard way before these guys stocked them. Best purchase I've made in years, just had to leave a review!