B.J. Sim Racing Handbrake 2.0

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  • Stainless steel and aluminium 
  • Button with 30 mm diameter 
  • 16-bit electronics from Leo Bodnar


Thanks to its construction and component quality, the BJ Steel Handbrake offers the highest quality equipment for the experienced simracer.


Stainless steel and aluminum

Made of stainless steel and aluminum. It has 5 positions of inclination of the bar for a perfect adjustment to our preferences

Button with 30 mm diameter

It can be anchored to the chassis horizontally or vertically without loss of rigidity. Works with a load cell that can support up to 200 kg for reliability and durability

16-bit electronics
from Leo Bodnar

Installation is simple, we fix it in our cockpit with the screws provided, connect the USB to the PC, calibrate and enjoy

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