B.J. Sim Racing 1000psi Hydraulic GT Pedals + Racing Shifter 3.0

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   Key Features

  • Click >> Pedals Instruction/Calibration
  • Best value hydraulic sim pedals on the market 
  • 1000 PSI hydraulic with Wildwood master cylinder
  • Completely handmade aluminium bar
  • Most realistic sim racing gear shifter on the market


  • Official Distributor 
  • Pagnian Approved
  • PC Compatible 
  • Shipped from Australia 

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B.J Sim Racing 1000 PSI Hydraulic GT Pedals

Get the winning edge with better performance, more control, and faster laptimes with the latest BJ Hydraulic Sim Racing Pedals

With increasing feedback and demand from our customers on offering high-end professional pedals. We decided to extensively test various brands of pedals over many months. BJ Sim Racing was a stand-out for us in terms of quality, value, and performance. It was a no-brainer for us to bring them abroad as Pagnian Approved products to offer our Australian and New Zealand customers. We are proud not only to be able to provide the BJ Products to our local customers but also local pre and after sales support, warranty and shipping for a great customer experience.



When it comes to braking in simulation the pinnacle of precision and immersion can only be found with a Hydraulic brake set up. BJR Simracing have set the new standard with a genuine Wilwood slave cylinder and pump commonly used in the racing industry, if you want the most realistic pedals on the market for your sim set up this is it.


With precise control being the goal on high end pedals BJR have made sure the accelerator and clutch are not using old style potentiometers, we have all had our experiences with potentiometers. BJR opted to go with a Frictionless Magnetic Hall Sensor on both the clutch and accelerator pedal giving unbelievable precise control.


Adjustments on the BJR pedal range is huge! On the pedal distance travel, you can adjust limit from 40mm all the way to 82mm this converted in angle from 12° to 23° of travel all done with just 2 bolts. The pedal height is adjustable in 4mm increments with the total height adjustment being 20mm from its lowest to the highest position. On the same 5 adjustments you can also adjust the pedal face angle up to 20°.

On the back of both the Throttle and Clutch pedal there is an adjustable metal spring for pre-load which is amazing when optimizing your pedal set up for the way you race. There are 4 additional adjustment positions to control the stiffness on the Throttle pedal.