Next Level Racing F-GT Frame Only

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  • Dual driving position cockpit
  • Universal seat brackets included
  • Adaptable for all major seats
  • Compatible with direct drive wheels
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The popular F-GT Racing Simulator Cockpit is now available as a frame-only option for sim racers wishing to use their own seat. The revolutionary Next Level Racing® F-GT Frame design allows the user to be in a true racing position for both Formula and GT racing. Users will no longer need an expensive cockpit just for formula racing, instead, the Next Level Racing® F-GT Frame suits all your racing titles by offering dual racing positions. The Next Level Racing® Universal Seat Brackets are constructed from 5mm carbon steel to provide more rigidity, range, and refinements to suit almost all racing seats on the market for the best user experience.




The F-GT cockpits were used by the Real Esport team to win the GTR Endurance eRacing World Championship in Denmark. Next Level Racing® cockpits are also used by professional drivers such as Red Bull Racing®’s Mad Mike Whiddett, GTacademy® world champion Matt Simmons, Project Cars 2 world champion Kamil Pawlowski, professional Rally Driver Ricardo Costa Jnr & many more.




Using the feedback of professional drivers, the revolutionary design allows the user to be in authentic racing positions for both Formula and GT racing to give you the most authentic racing experience. The cockpit also caters for a “hybrid” position which means having the seat in GT position but the pedals in a formula-style position.




The F-GT Frame comes with Next Level Racing® Universal Seat Brackets to allow users to use their side mounting racing or bucket seats. Constructed from 5mm carbon steel, it provides more rigidity, range, and refinement to suit the need of the user. The adaptability is great for a user that will be using the F-GT Frame for long hours of racing and flight. 




Extras such as gear shifter support, universal seat brackets with dual locking seat slider, height-adjustable feet, and the ButtKicker® Gamer 2 adaptor are all features that come included with the Next Level Racing® F-GT Frame. These features make the F-GT the best value product for any user that wants a Formula and GT frame to build their cockpit!




The patented design of the Next Level Racing® F-GT Frame ensures a rigid and solid cockpit while also allowing maximum adjustability, allowing you to have your wheel, pedals, and gear shifter in the best position for you. The steering wheel support is solid enough for professional direct drive steering wheels, and the rigid design of the pedal plate ensures you have an authentic racing experience.



The F-GT Frame can easily be converted to a flight cockpit with the Next Level Racing® Combat Flight Pack. A design that is suited for any flight user that is wanting a change in scenery from the race tracks to explore the skies.


  • Supported Height – 120 -210 cm or 4ft – 6ft 9 inches
  • Supported Max Weight – 130 kg or 285 lbs
  • Product Dimensions –

Formula 170 x 60 x 100 cm or 67 x 24 x 39 inches

GT 140 x 60 x 125 cm or 55 x 24 x 49 inches

  • Product Weight – 35 kg or 77.1 lbs
  • Boxed Dimensions – 92 x 47 x 13 cm / 36.2 x 18.5 x 5.1 Inches
  • Boxed Weight – 38 kg or 83.7 lbs
  • Part Number – NLR-S019

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  • Next Level Racing® F-GT frame
  • Next Level Racing universal seat brackets with a dual locking seat slider
  • Gear shifter holder (can be mounted on the left or right side)
  • Screws to hard mount your wheel, shifter, and pedals
  • Buttkicker® Gamer 2 Adaptor
  • Height adjustable screw-in feet
  • Instructions for quick and easy assembly

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