ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2 AUS

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Innovative new features. Improved compatibility. Familiar shape. The ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2 brings all the tools you need to raise your game.

  • Carbon fibre and metal construction
    Carbon fibre and metal construction
    The iconic ClubSport Formula wheel has been overhauled, with major improvements to the construction and materials, including the use of a 5mm thick, solid carbon fibre front plate.

  • Officially licensed for Xbox One® / WIndows® 10
    Officially licensed for Xbox One® / WIndows® 10
    The first Formula-type steering wheel with full Xbox One / Windows 10 compatibility. Connecting this wheel to compatible Fanatec® Wheel Bases unlocks access to a huge range of Fanatec peripherals for use on Xbox One® consoles.

  • Formula V2: Racing Technology for a New Generation
    Advanced multi-colour LED bars, OLED display, and more input options than ever. Master the complex systems of modern race cars, and find the edge over your competition.

  • More than just eye-catching
    More than just eye-catching
    The spectacular light show is also highly functional. RevLEDs with nine multi-colour LEDs can show motor RPM and optimal shifting point, and the two flag LED bars (FlagLEDs) with three multi-colour LEDs can indicate tyre slip, fuel level, or incoming radio.

  • Multitasking at your fingertips
    Multitasking at your fingertips
    11 buttons, 12-way multi-position switches, thumb encoders, rocker switches; the list goes on. Up to 67 functions of the game can be adjusted directly.

  • Loaded with Fanatec Innovation
    Exchange the Formula V2’s standard metal, adjustable paddles, with components from the modular Podium Steering Wheel system.

  • Upgradeable to magnetic shifter paddles
    Upgradeable to magnetic shifter paddles
    The ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2 is ready to receive the Podium Advanced Paddle Module, which adds a dual clutch paddle system and two pairs of magnetic paddles with real carbon fibre plates.

  • Optional F1-style Clutch
    Optional F1-style Clutch
    The analogue paddles operate with contactless Hall sensors and offer 4 modes. You can set the clutch bite point for superfast F1-style launch control or even operate the gas/brake or handbrake axes.

    Upgrade to Podium Spec.

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