Next Level Racing F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition

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  • Support for Formula, GT, Hybrid, Truck, and Tank driving positions.
  • Features 6mm pedal adjustment fins with Next Level Racing® Shoulder Bolts to allow for a quick transition between driving positions.
  • 5mm folded and welded Wheel Plate compatible with a wide range of wheels on the market.
  • Pre-machined holes for ease of assembly and extra rigidity.
  • 5mm Seat brackets with shoulder bolt slot design to allow for quick angle adjustment.
  • Shifter and handbrake plate compatible with a wide range of shifters and handbrakes on the market.
  • Flex free seat sliding system to eliminate flex issues found in conventional seat sliders.
  • Next Level Racing® Height Adjustable shock absorbing feet to prevent cockpit misalignment caused by uneven floors.
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Next Level Racing F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition
Next Level Racing F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition


“I think that it's a very very well designed cockpit and something that they've obviously put a lot of passion and time and effort into but ultimately i have absolutely no issues with recommending this cockpit".

"We are pleased to be able to rely on Next Level Racing as a partner, with whom we share the fundamental values of continuous cutting-edge research in creating excellent products. This allows sim drivers to enjoy the best possible gaming experience. The Esports world, especially in the field of motorsport, operates to the nearest thousandth of a second and knowing that our drivers can count on the highest quality of technical equipment means they are well equipped to deliver the best possible performance."

"This rig is the most solid rig I have used, flex isn’t even a consideration here. The build process is as easy as you get at this quality and rigidity and the instructions help make this as pain free as possible."



Introducing the Next Level Racing® F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition, the ultimate simulator cockpit designed for top-tier racers. Indeed, this model stands out for its commitment to quality and unparalleled rigidity for racers who seek the best in racing equipment.


Furthermore, the F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition is a product of thorough research and user feedback. As a result, the F-GT Elite 160 excels in providing a flex-free, high-quality aluminum extrusion simulation cockpit experience. The F-GT Elite 160 features premium anodized high-grade aluminum, powder-coated carbon steel components, and custom Next Level Racing® end caps and T-slot nuts, hence, emphasizing quality.


Additionally, racers will appreciate the F-GT Elite 160’s vast adjustability and customization options. It is also seamlessly compatible with the Next Level Racing® Motion Ecosystem*. Lastly, combining top-notch materials, extensive adjustability, and compatibility, the F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition delivers an unmatched premium immersive simulation experience.


* To clarify, the F-GT Elite 160 is designed to integrate with the Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3 and Motion Plus Platform.  Therefore, For those seeking to attach the Traction Plus Platform, the Next Level Racing® Elite Motion Adaptor Upgrade Kit is required.




Unquestionably, there should be no compromise when it comes to premium simulation cockpits, as the F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition stands as a testament to this for the Elite user. Significantly, the F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition emerges as the ideal choice for those who demand nothing but the best. Also, characterized by unparalleled rigidity, innovation, quality, and extensive customization. This product encapsulates the complete package for ergonomic Formula, GT, hybrid, truck, and tank driving positions. Consequently, users can experience the best of sim racing setups with the F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition.




Additionally, the innovative Next Level Racing® Seat Sliding System has been designed and engineered to eliminate the issue of flex found in conventional seat sliders used in simulation. Therefore, the custom Next Level Racing® ratchets are used to easily slide your seat back and forth to find the perfect position for a flex-free racing experience.  


The Next Level Racing® Seat Brackets are built from 5mm carbon steel to provide the rigidity required. The new design provides more adjustability than ever before to support multiple seating positions with 98 adjustment options. As a result, the Next Level Racing® ES1, ERS1, and ERS2 Seats are the advised seats to use with the Elite range of cockpits as the seat has been designed for the most demanding users. 





The F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition distinguishes itself in the realm of aluminum extrusion cockpits, where quality and strength are often seen as mutually exclusive. Specifically, this exceptional product showcases flex-free aluminum extrusion and a custom Next Level Racing® 160mm x 40mm profile, thereby providing unparalleled strength at the cockpit’s base. Moreover, with the F-GT Elite 160, users can confidently engage in a true multi-position cockpit experience for Formula, Hybrid, and GT driving, all without compromising on design or structural integrity. Additionally, the F-GT Elite 160 features a premium, thick-walled profile, and a custom base, contributing to its substantial total weight of 60kg. This custom shape not only adds extra strength but also enhances the aesthetics.


Furthermore, the meticulously designed multi-folded wheel and pedal plates, along with the use of thick carbon steel, eliminate deflection and flex, resulting in a stronger and more rigid platform for attaching high-performance electronics. For instance, the robustness of the F-GT Elite 160 is evident in the FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Tests. The innovative plate designs of the F-GT Elite 160 against the flat steel or aluminum designs commonly found in conventional cockpits.


To illustrate:


The Wheel Deck strength is equivalent to 17.67mm steel or 23mm aluminium.
The Pedal Deck strength matches that of 18.44mm steel or 26.5mm aluminium




Not only does the F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition arrive pre-drilled for major steering wheel and pedal manufacturers, but features unique laser-engraved guides and pre-machined slots for the perfect driving experience. With this in mind, the printed guides assist the users in achieving a perfect ergonomic setup in Formula, Hybrid, GT, Truck, and Tank driving positions  


The Next Level Racing® F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition is the ultimate cockpit for bottom-mounted wheelbases, pedal sets, shifters, handbrakes, bass shakers, and more due to its universal compatibility. The F-GT Elite 160 Wheel Plate Edition upgrades setups with Next Level Racing® Motion product compatibility*. 


* To clarify, the Next Level Racing® F-GT Elite 160 is compatible with the Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3, Motion Plus Platform. Furthermore, users have the option to attach two Motion Plus Platforms. Additionally, for those looking to attach the Traction Plus Platform to the cockpit, the Next Level Racing® Elite Motion Adaptor Upgrade Kit is required




The bespoke sliding pedal plates and wheel plates are specifically designed to allow easy and quick adjustments for pedal distance. Additionally, equipped with two slotted 5mm carbon steel pedal plates featuring double precision folds, this setup guarantees supreme rigidity and straightforward compatibility. Moreover, the pedal tray and wheel plate area, complemented by laser-etched markings on the aluminum profile, aid in making precise adjustments. In conjunction with custom Next Level Racing® Shoulder Bolts, these features offer a high degree of angle, height, and distance adjustments, to achieve the perfect racing position



In addition, the F-GT Elite 160 cockpit stands out with its extensive array of custom-engineered components, ensuring it’s the highest quality and best-performing product available. Instead of using standard industrial parts, we’re leading the way in designing aluminum profile cockpits. Therefore, traditional square industrial brackets are no longer necessary, as our extrusion pieces are pre-machined for quicker, easier, and more robust connections.


Moreover, the attention to detail is evident throughout the cockpit. Notable features include the black electroplated premium spring ball T-slot nuts, and custom Next Level Racing® Shoulder Bolts and end caps, which all contribute to the cockpit’s overall excellence.  In conclusion, the combination of a premium finish, bespoke components, and leading-edge design culminates in a visually stunning masterpiece.




By intentionally designing custom components and employing advanced manufacturing techniques for precision-machined holes in the aluminum profile, we facilitate easier assembly and ensure a more rigid connection when the profile bolts together. Consequently, the improved design effectively eliminates the hassles of aligning fiddly corner brackets, making them a thing of the past. Combining the ease of assembly with the laser-etched line markings on the profile helps you to get racing quicker. Each piece is individually placed in our custom foam packaging to ensure the safety of the product while in transport. This provides a seamless user experience from the time the packaging is opened.

Material: 40/40, 40/80, 40/120, 40/160 Aluminium Extrusion 

Finish:  High Quality Powder Coat / Anodised Aluminium / Laser Engraved Logos and Alignment Lines

Boxed Dimensions: 126.5cm (L) x 31.5cm (W) x 44cm (H) / 49.8inches(L) x 12.4inches(W) x 17.3inches(H) 

Product Dimensions: 136cm (L) x 84.2cm (W) x 94.2cm (H) / 53.5inches(L) x 33inches(W) x 37.1inches(H) 

Boxed Weight: GW: 63.6 kg / 140.2 lbs 

Product Weight / NW: 57.1 kg / 125.9 lbs 

Part Number: NLR-E025

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  • Premium Black Anodised Finish Aluminium Extrusion 
  • Wheel Plate 
  • Motion Platform V3 Mounting Brackets
  • Next Level Racing® Height Adjustable shock absorbing feet
  • Next Level Racing® Custom Cable clips
  • Next Level Racing® Seat Brackets 
  • Shifter and Handbrake Plate
  • Next Level Racing® Safety Footstep
  • Next Level Racing® Toolkit and Spirit Level
  • Extra hardware for peripherals and Assembly Instructions
  • ButtKicker® Mounting Pole 
  • Digital assembly instructions and assembly videos available here: 

At Pagnian we stand by Next Level Racing products with a full 12 month warranty so you can shop in confidence knowing we have your back. Even if you are out of your warranty period our team of simulation experts will still will assist any problem that you have as much as possible. 

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Lindsay C.

Only unpacked so far

When I opened the box for the cockpit the two heavy upright conection plates were just floating around in the box unsecured. Looks like the pegs in the styrofoam packing had broken off as there was lots of broken foam in the box. Luckily there was only two minor paint chips and no further damage.There was no external damage to the box like it had been dropped. I’ve just started looking atbthe parts and the manual and added up the T nuts needed and using two T nuts for the six casters instead of the four feet. None supplied with the ten casters? Also I’m using two T Nuts on each side of the side members for the shifter support. All up when I count up the number I need according to the manual I’m short ten T nuts. Tried emailing yo but the email was rejected. Sent a message on he website and waiting for a reply. Not a good experience so far.

Dwayne L.
Australia Australia

DD ps version

Very good so far, but i need to sort out lack of ffb in assetto corsa competizioni. Pedals are great, gearshift and handbrake goid to