Thrustmaster Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-On

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Reach new heights of performance and realism with Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-On. A brand-new product stemming from the collaboration between Thrustmaster and Ferrari, this wheel rim is a 1:1 scale replica of the wheel from the most successful racing car of the Prancing Horse brand (with more than 500 victories in competitions): the Ferrari 488 GT3.

Compatible Thrustmaster racing wheels*:

•PS4 and PS5** - (T-GT/T-GTII, T300)

•Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One** - (TS-XW, TX)

•PC (Windows® 10/11) - (T818, TS PC RACER)

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Thrustmaster Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-On
Thrustmaster Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-On
Thrustmaster Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-On
Thrustmaster Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-On
Thrustmaster Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-On

Crafted for Competition


Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-On has been specially designed for performance, thanks to optimized weight with its central faceplate featuring carbon fiber cladding and 12.2-inch/31-cm diameter. This design lets drivers really get the most out of their racing wheel base’s power, by conveying detailed Force Feedback and facilitating extremely precise driving — both of which are essential for competition.

Immersion and Control

Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-On features 11 action buttons, a D-pad, 2 rotary encoders and 2 thumb encoders — all with a realistic feel, replicating the controls found on the original wheel. They provide the driver with super-fast control of different settings — and the ability to modify them on the fly incredibly easily, so as to always stay in control.

4 Versatile Leds

The 4 LEDs towards the top of the wheel rim’s central faceplate allow the driver to receive different information while racing — including RPM, pit window opening, and much more. The two available modes (GT or single-seater) let the driver adapt the behavior of the LEDs to the engine speed of different types of vehicles.

Adjustable Magnetic Paddle Shifters

The new paddle shifters with magnetic sensors allow for clear, precise activation, helping to avoid driving errors. For even greater versatility, the position of the paddle shifters is customizable, with 4 different configurations for optimal handling according to the user’s preferences.

Backward and Next-Gen Compatibility

Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-On is natively compatible with all Thrustmaster racing wheel bases, thanks to the two Quick Release holders allowing users to select the attachment compatible with their racing wheel base without the need for an additional adapter. This next-generation attachment system ensures direct transmission between the racing wheel base and the wheel rim.

1:1 Scale Replica of the Legendary 488 GT3

Life-size replica of the wheel of Ferrari’s most successful car in history: the Ferrari 488 GT3, with more than 500 victories in GT Championship and endurance racing. This officially-licensed wheel rim has been specially designed in collaboration with Ferrari to faithfully capture the essence of the legendary race car and provide an immersive, realistic racing experience.

Dimensions: 31 x 17.5 x 7.5 cm

Weight: 1,140g

6 in stock

1x Ferrari 488 GT3 Wheel Add-On

1x quick release holder for screw base

1x quick release holder for latch base

1x set of self-adhesive pads

2x mounting wrenches

1x warranty flyer