Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Pro

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   Key Features

  • Create a professional-grade flight cockpit by combining the Next Level Racing® Flight Seat Pro (NLR-S033) to the Flight Stand Pro (NLR-S032).
  • Market leading design and features supporting Commercial, General Aviation, Space, Helicopter, and Military configurations, with authenticity, comfort, and realism.
  • Versatile compatibility with major brands such as Thrustmaster, Virpil Ccontrols®, WINWING, Realsimgear, and more.
  • Extremely rigid and wide frame design, adjustable rudder pedal plate, and center HOTAS mounting pole offer customizable options for your ideal setup.
  • Ergonomic design with a swivel flight plate arm, mouse/keyboard holder, footrest, and seat harness enhancing comfort and immersion.
  • Compatibility with Next Level Racing Motion Products**
  • Included accessories like the Flight Keyboard and Mouse Mat, Gaming Chair Cradle, and Lockable Castor Wheels add convenience and functionality.
Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Pro
Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Pro
Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Pro
Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Pro
Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Pro
Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Pro
Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Pro



Introducing the Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Pro, the ultimate combination of the Flight Stand Pro and Flight Seat Pro, providing you with an unrivalled flight simulation experience. The Flight Simulator Pro allows your flight experience to grow over time and caters for all types of flying setups included commercial, general aviation, space, helicopter, and military configurations; the Flight Simulator Pro offers an authentic and comfortable simulation experience. Its center HOTAS mounting pole allows for true military configuration, while the wide frame design and adjustable rudder pedal plate accommodate a variety of rudders and peripherals. The Flight Stand Pro's adaptability is further enhanced by its castor wheels, making it easy to transport. The Flight Simulator Pro is motion compatible, allowing you to further enhance your flight experience with the Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3 and Motion Plus Platform **. Upgrade to the Flight Simulator Pro, your all-in-one or forever flight cockpit,

** The Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform can only be attached to the rear side of the Flight Simulator Pro (Flight Stand Pro + Flight Seat Pro)

Note: Next Level Racing® Flight Stand Pro and Flight Seat Pro purchased separately. The Combination of the two units provide the user with the Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Pro.



Embark on the ultimate flight simulation journey with the Flight Simulator Pro by Next Level Racing®, a powerful combination of the Flight Stand Pro and Flight Seat Pro that delivers unmatched immersion across various flight genres. Combining the versatility of the Flight Stand Pro and the ergonomic design of the Flight Seat Pro, this complete flight simulator cockpit solution delivers an unparalleled level of customization and authenticity. Whether you're exploring commercial aviation, mastering general aviation, embarking on daring military missions, or venturing into the depths of space, the Flight Simulator Pro adapts to your chosen genre. With its adjustable features, including the center HOTAS mounting pole for realistic military configuration, wide frame design for stability, and compatibility with major flight electronics. The Flight Simulator Pro is a robust and sturdy cockpit, weighing 80kgs/ 176 lbs, ensuring exceptional strength and stability. The Flight Simulator Pro supports a wide range of peripherals, from throttles to HOTAS systems, enabling you to build your dream setup and fully immerse yourself in the virtual skies. The Flight Simulator Pro gives the ability to attach more peripherals than ever before! Elevate your flight simulation experience with the Flight Simulator Pro, the ultimate solution for enthusiasts and professionals alike.



Experience unparalleled adjustability with the Flight Simulator Pro by Next Level Racing®, combining the Flight Stand Pro and Flight Seat Pro. The Flight Stand Pro offers a wide range of adjustment options, including a detachable centre HOTAS pole for commercial setups and extended HOTAS stick compatibility. With a 95-degree adjustment range for the HOTAS angle bracket, 78mm horizontal adjustment, 103mm lateral adjustment, and 49-degree swivel for the left flight arm, users can find their ideal position effortlessly. The wheel plate and flight plate offer height and angle adjustments of 196mm and 48 degrees respectively, ensuring a personalized and immersive flight setup. Additionally, the wide deck design allows for easy mounting of various flight peripherals, enhancing customization options. The Flight Seat Pro complements this adjustability with its centre HOTAS mounting pole, providing height and angle adjustments for versatile configurations. With flight plate arms offering height and lateral movement options, users can fine-tune their setup to accommodate different peripherals and preferences. Whether it's general flight peripherals or helicopter setups, the Flight Simulator Pro provides unparalleled adjustability for an optimized and immersive flight experience.



Build it your way with the Flight Simulator Pro, combining the Flight Seat Pro and Flight Stand Pro for a customizable and immersive flight experience. Whether you prefer General Aviation, Commercial, Space, Military, or helicopter setups, this versatile solution caters to your needs. Attach a wide range of yokes, rudders, and throttles directly to the cockpit for a commercial flight configuration. For general aviation enthusiasts, the cockpit comes with several adaptor plates to ensure cross-compatibility with various electronics on the market, allowing for a customized setup that meets your specific needs. Space users will appreciate the included Keyboard and Mouse tray, enabling the attachment of two joysticks and keeping your keyboard and mouse within easy reach for the most reactive gaming experience The unique cut-out design of the seat allows for seamless integration of the Hotas center stick, providing an authentic combat experience.



The Flight Simulator Pro by Next Level Racing® takes flight simulation to the next level with motion compatibility. The Flight Simulator Pro is the first consumer cockpit that is motion compatible out of the box, eliminating the need for additional adaptors. Experience the thrill of realistic motion feedback, adding an extra layer of immersion and enhancing the overall flight simulation experience. Users can utilize a combination of Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform* and the Motion Platform V3. Prepare to be amazed as you feel turbulence, landing, and maneuver, bringing your virtual flights to life like never before.

*Motion Plus Platform needs to be attached to the rear of the flight cockpit. Only one Motion Plus Platform can be attached to the Flight Simulator Pro Cockpit (Flight Seat Pro + Flight Stand Pro)



Over the years, Next Level Racing® has engineered flight solutions for some of the most serious applications on the planet. We are proud to have supplied flight cockpits solutions to NASA®, Boeing®, Bristol University Department of Aerospace Engineering, Australian & British Air Force Cadets, Microsoft®, European Pilot of the year James Moon and many more. The Next Level Racing Flight products are designed to be modular, allowing for easy customization to fit the specific needs of each user. With expert knowledge and feedback from customers globally, the Next Level Racing Flight Simulators are trusted by thousands of users worldwide for training and entertainment purposes.

  • Supported Height: 120 -210 cm or 4ft – 6ft 9 inches.  
  • Supported Max Weight: 150 kg or 330 lbs.  
  • Product Dimensions: Max Dimension(L) 171cm x (W) 112 cm or (H) 123cm /(L) 67.3 inches x W 44.1 inches x H 48.4 inches)  
  • Box Dimensions: Please refer to the box dimension of the Flight Stand Pro and Flight Seat Pro 
  • Product Weight: Please refer to the product weight of the Flight Stand Pro and Flight Seat Pro 
  • Boxed Weight – Please refer to the box weight of the Flight Stand Pro and Flight Seat Pro

Part Number – NLR-S033 + NLR S032- Each unit is purchased separately 

  • Next Level Racing® Flight Seat Pro
  • Next Level Racing® Flight Stand Pro
  • Next Level Racing® Lockable Castor Wheels 
  • Four Point Next Level Racing® Harness
  • Seat Sliders
  • Next Level Racing® Lumbar Cushion 
  • Next Level Racing® Stationary Feet
  • Buttkicker® Adaptor Mount 
  • Hardware for assembly with extra hardware for hard mounting peripherals

Digital assembly instructions and assembly videos available here: 

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Alexander G.
Australia Australia

Great customer service

A few hiccups that werent pagnians fault andnthey handled it great with a lot of professionalism

Michael C.
Australia Australia

Versatile flight sim platform

The Flight Sim Pro cockpit platform is the best piece of gear I’ve purchase in 20 years of flight simming. The setup provides so many different options for various types of controllers and aircraft. Construction is very solid and well finished. I had a slight hiccup initially with a faulty thread in one of the mounting brackets. However, the excellent customer support service quickly sent a replacement part and I was in business again. This equipment should see me through any future upgrades of flight sim peripherals - it can accommodate just about any setup imaginable. I highly recommend the product and the customer service.

Adam R.
Australia Australia

Love it

I upgraded recently from the GT Ultimate to the Flight Sim Pro. The ability to adjust the rig is amazing. My only regret is that I waited as long as I did after the Flight Sim Pro’s release. I’ve been dealing with the team at Pagnian for a couple of years now and never had an issue.

Peter D.
Australia Australia

Well engineered and flexible product

The Flight Simulator Pro is well engineered, and comes with everything you need to assemble. Had a little trouble installing the seat, but succeeded in the end. The Flight Sim Pro is made up of two other products, and if you are assembling the full Sim Pro you should read through all the instructions before starting, to avoid having to dismantle some things you built earlier. Overall very pleased with the product, and Pagnian have been superb for quality of service.