Buttkicker Gamer 2 - 240V Australian Version

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Buttkicker Gamer 2 - 240V Australian Version
"... A must have for any Sim Racer..9/10"

  • The ButtKicker Gamer2 lets you feel all of the action from your games and simulators right under your seat.
  • Feel the gut-wrenching punch of machine-gun fire, the pounding of chopper blades, explosions, racing engines, gear shifts, rumble strips, landing gear, engine throttle and more.
  • Turn down or turn off your subwoofer and still feel all the bass - even while using headphones.
  • Take your game or sim to the next level of realism.

240V Australian Version
12 Month Australian Warranty

The all new Buttkicker Power Amplifier BKA-130-C has:

  •  Rock-solid amp that cranks 90 Watts of power into your seat.
  •  It’s convection-cooled with vents so there’s no noisy fan.
  • Includes all the wires you need to use it with your PC. Please note: Everyone's setup can be different when using consoles which means you may need to purchase additional adapters depending on your setup
  • Easy-Clamp™ mechanism lets you easily attach it to your chair.

Home to Australia's #1 Racing Simulator Cockpits

  • Feel every bump, the power of the engine and even gear shifts
  • A must have for any sim racer as it's adds the next level of realism
  • Completely compatible with the following Next Level Simulators: GTpro, GTxtreme, GTutltimate.
  • No modification required.
  • The ButtKicker Gamer brings all types of games to life, including sim racing and flight sims. Feel the power of an engine, gear shifts and even crashes.

  • Everything you need to attach the ButtKicker Gamer2 to your computer is included!
    *** Completely compatible with all Next Level Simulators - No modification required.***
  • ButtKicker Gamer with Easy Clamp™attachment mechanism
  • ButtKicker Power Amplifier BKA-130-C 240V Australian model
  • 13.5' cable with quick release connecting ButtKicker Gamer to the Amplifier
  • RCA and mini "Y" adapters
  • 5' RCA to RCA cable and 5' RCA to mini cable
  • Two Velcro® cable holders

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Justin L.
Australia Australia

First of all i want to say thank you to Kenny from the team with assisting me setting it up and assisting with super fast delivery which came the next day! Product itself is amazing for driving and other activities such as movies or music.

Grant R.
Australia Australia
Good good good vibrations

Gotta hand it to Pagnian for service and prompt shipping. Solid service which many could look to for tips 9n how buying 9nline should be so well done there. I purchased the Buttkicker gamer 2 which has really added to the ovetall experiance. I still **** but it's not a performance add on is it. It's a solid unit and has performed without issue for the few months I have had it. They are not cheap but what is in this hobby. Recommend one if you are on the fence

Australia Australia
A must have for your sim!

Once you use this, its hard to imagine how you could ever not have one. It brings a whole new level to driving sim games, feeling the brake shudder, ripple strips and even the car slip. It lets you become immersed into the game, bringing a better feel of the car, letting you sense a slide before it happens, improving your racing significantly. Everything you need is in the box, easy to install and setup. I run mine with Next Level racing GT ultimate v2 seat, which it was very easy to attach to and can run my PS4 and PC with the same cable from the same monitor without having to switch cables or have to work out conplicated setups. Couldnt be happier with this product. If you are pondering about getting one, just do it, you wont be disappointed!

Australia Australia
Buttkicker Gamer 2

The first thing I noticed was the size of the box, it was much larger than I first expected. When unboxing the weight of the Buttkicker itself surprised me, it was much heavier than I had thought it would be. There were also a lot of different leads. I purchased mine to set up with the PS4, I also purchased separate the HDMI to HDMI + RCA splitter and the 2 male into 1 male RCA lead, neither of these come with the Buttkicker. These 2 items didn't arrive until a couple days after the unit did, BUT, I was still able to run it through my console using some of the provided leads. You don't need to be a genius to set it up, but you do need to have a small amount of knowledge of this kind of stuff, but I am certainly no tech wizard. Once I set it up I jumped into ACC figuring it would have decent bass, which is what the Buttkicker uses to vibrate. It seemed to not be working, I checked all the leads were correct and plugged in. Then I fiddled with the amount of vibration via the amp and remote, I started to feel something. There it was. I mounted it to the attachment provided with my Next Level Gt Ultimate V2, and this seems to be good. I left it at that for the night and got back to Dad duties. The following day the splitter and lead I required arrived and I got setting those up and doing some cable management to ensure it was all neat and tidy. I jumped into Gran Turismo Sport to try and fine tune some of the vibration and settings. it took about 20 to 30 minutes to get it somewhere reasonably comfortable. Once I was happy with the settings I set into doing a few laps, it isn't enough to throw you off your game, and it certainly gives a further immersive feeling. It is even better once you get on the wheel and what your feeling through your FFB, road noise, bumps, ripple strips etc, your feeling through the rig as well. Not something I needed, but definetley a nice touch. I jumped in to a game of COD, a lot of fun, the closer the action the heavier the feelings, a jet crashing nearby really rocks you. All in all, it is definetley not something that you need to make you any better, but if you want a fun thing to add to your rig without the full motion, this is an awesome addition.

Australia Australia
A must have addition to your SIM

A great product, eady to install, comes with everything needed and can use for PC, console and TV without needing to biy anything additional. Brings a great sense of realism, with feeling engine, braking, shift change, bumps and ripple strips, couldnt imagine racing again without one. Superfast free delivery with great customer service and helpful install tutorial videos. Highly recommended on all aspects.