Thrustmaster introduces the new T128: The Force Feedback Racing Wheel to Get Started in Racing Simulation

Thrustmaster has announced its new Force Feedback racing wheel, which is intended to offer gamers seeking to take the leap into the world of racing simulation with a supercharged start and allow them to experience exhilarating new racing sensations for the first time.

The T128 retains the same next-generation HYBRID DRIVE technology as its big brother, the T248, utilising a combined belt and gears system for Force Feedback performance that is 20% more powerful than Thrustmaster's previous T150 and TMX racing wheels. T128 boasts unequalled performance and represents a super-competitive investment, with astonishingly realistic Force Feedback, a 4-color LED engine speed display strip, plus paddle shifters and pedals incorporating high-precision magnetic technology, providing a true edge in the world of sim-racing.

T128 is offered in two versions to assist players improve their racing skills: one legally licensed for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and another officially licensed for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Both versions are also PC compatible, giving gamers a plethora of options for honing their skills even further.


T128 is a powerhouse of Thrustmaster’s cutting-edge technologies in an affordable and versatile racing wheel that doesn’t sacrifice anything in terms of performance, opening up a truly immersive experience for new drivers.

Immersive “HYBRID DRIVE” Force Feedback

T128 features a next-gen hybrid motorization system, which made its first appearance in T248, for 20% more power compared with Thrustmaster’s T150 and TMX racing wheels.

Gamers can experience all aspects of race tracks even more intensely, thanks to the sensations transmitted through the wheel: bumps and impacts, speed effects, road surface types, loss of tire grip, and much more. These thrillingly fun sensations are also highly intuitive, helping users optimize their driving lines, better negotiate turns and build up their overall racing skills.

As every bit of extra weight impacts performance, T128’s wheel rim is extremely lightweight — allowing users to really get the most out of the powerful Force Feedback, for maximum velocity in any situation.

H.E.A.R.T magnetic technology (with Hall effect sensors)

Incorporated into two key elements of gameplay, this technology’s goal is to improve drivers’ precision in all games by eliminating dead zones and doing away with any possible loss of precision over time, thanks to its certified frictionless system.

T128’s magnetic paddle shifters allow for super-fast gear shifting, with clear and precise activation (30-millisecond response time) for sporty performance and while avoiding driving errors. This contactless magnetic technology also results in an extended lifespan for the paddle shifters, whose sound design has also been reworked for more discreet activation.

The two-pedal T2PM pedal set also features this same magnetic technology, for crisp acceleration and well-proportioned braking. 

LED engine speed display

The upper central part of the wheel features a 4-color LED engine speed strip, displaying the car engine’s rotations per minute (RPM) in real time, transmitted directly by the game via telemetry. The LEDs flash when it’s time to shift to a higher gear.

These eye-catching LEDs let gamers monitor their engine speed for optimized gear shifting, without taking their eyes off the road — a huge advantage.

Modern, versatile design

The perfectly-round wheel rim automatically adjusts its angle of rotation between 270° and 900° according to the type of vehicle being used in the game, for driving adapted to all vehicle styles (GT, rally, F1, trucks, etc.). Thanks to the comprehensive interface with 13 action buttons, there’s no need to use a gamepad — even to navigate through game menus.

Access to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service

The T128’s Xbox/PC version includes one month’s free subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service. Users can play dozens of popular racing and sim-racing games for free, compatible with T128 on Xbox and PC, to get started with a truly amazing driving experience right away.

Two versions officially licensed for next-gen consoles, and compatible with PC

Officially recognized as a next-generation racing wheel developed and designed for the latest game consoles, T128 is available in two different versions:

Officially licensed for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and compatible with PC

Officially licensed for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and compatible with PC