Thrustmaster Confirms Its Xbox One Accessories Will Work on Xbox Series X

When the Xbox Series X was announced it made you think which of your Thrustmaster racing simulation wheels, pedals and accessories gears will be compatible with the console.  

Microsoft has already announced that the vast majority of Xbox One devices, including controllers, headphones, racing wheels and pedals and more, will also work on Xbox Series X. Known for its racing wheels, Thrustmaster has now also posted on this, stating that its Xbox One accessories will also be compatible. 

The Xbox Series X will be characterized by worlds that are visually stunning and instantly immersive, with revolutionary strides in CPU, GPU, and storage technology to continually give you exposure to new experiences and new creators. 

Thrustmaster has confirmed that the following simulation racing gear will be compatible with the Xbox Series X 

  • Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel 
  • TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition 
  • TMX Force Feedback 
  • TMX Pro Force Feedback 
  • TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Mod 
  • TX Racing Wheel Servo Base 
  • TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition 
  • T.Flight Hotas One