The new F/A-18C Hornet Add On by Thrustmaster

We don’t call ourselves the experts for no reason, here at Pagnian Advanced Simulation we have been testing the new F/A- 18C Hornet™ HOTAS Add-On Grip in the office and have to say we are impressed with the latest add-on by Thrustmaster®.

Crafted in the image of the real F/A-18C Hornet™ flight stick handle, this 1:1 scale replica officially licensed by Boeing is built with industrial-grade materials for a maximum product lifespan.

It's metal structure, also inspired by the fighter aircraft’s flight stick, replicates the original handling sensations for perfect immersion in games.

We found the F/A- 18C Hornet™ HOTAS Add-On Grip versatile, with its 19 action buttons including an ultra-realistic 2-step trigger and a varied, complementary range of features, it lets you control the skies with ease, and carry out blistering ground attack missions in all flight simulation games.

Compatibility is a huge bonus here in the office, especially as everyone has their own preferences. The F/A-18C Hornet™ HOTAS Add-On Grip is compatible with Thrustmaster joystick bases. The choice of a vintage style is perfect for gamers who want to use the handle with the legendary HOTAS Cougar* base. For a more modern look, the F/A-18C Hornet™ HOTAS Add-On Grip can be used with the HOTAS Warthog* base (* sold separately).

Overall, our office was impressed by not only the play experience of the F/A-18C Hornet™ but the sturdy build of the product itself.

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