Pedals - Entry Level to High-End

Pedals - Entry Level to High-End 

What Pedals will take my Sim Racing to the Next Level?  

Often the first recommendation we at Pagnian Advanced Simulation recommend when users are wanting to knock off seconds off their lap time is to look into their Pedal Sets.  

Your Controller or Keyboard can only offer you so much, so you need that Pedal Set to get the most accurate racing, drifting, just all-round fun, experience.  

At Pagnian we offer a vast selection of Sim Racing leading branded electronics and Pedal Sets are no exception. Below is our full list broken down to the three categories Entry Level, Mid-Tier, High End.  

  • Thrustmaster T3PM Pedals 
  • Thrustmaster T-LCM Load Cell Pedals  
  • Moza SRP Pedal Complete Set  
  • Moza CRP Pedals  
  • B.J. Sim Racing Steel Series GT Pedals 200kg Load Cell  
  • B.J. Sim Racing 1000psi Hydraulic GT Pedals  


Entry Level - from $299 

Mid-Tier - from $399 

High End - from $1,049 

Thrustmaster T3PM Pedals 

Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals 

B.J. Sim Racing Steel Series GT Pedals 200kg Load Cell 

Moza SRP Pedal Complete Set 

Moza CRP Pedals 

B.J. Sim Racing 1000psi Hydraulic GT Pedals 


Thrustmaster Pedals (Xbox / PlayStation / PC) 

Universally popular by those with console and PC alike, Thrustmaster Pedals continue to evolve and impress for those looking to get an accurate experience with the ease of plug and play.  

“Multiplatform magnetic pedal set featuring a brake pedal incorporating Load Cell technology, for ultra-precise braking in racing games”- Thrustmaster T-LCM Product page 


Moza Pedals (PC) 

New and exclusive to Pagnian Advanced Simulation, Moza Pedals offer the new age of Pedal precision, strength and realism, thanks to years of development and research from the new pioneers of Sim Racing technology.  


With a sleek black and gold design, the CRP pedals take inspiration from modern hypercar styling” – Moza CRP Pedals Product Page 


B.J. Sim Racing Pedals (PC)  

The leading provider of the most accurate Sim Racing Pedals. You can get your hands on what is in your favourite athletes, V8 Supercar, GT3 Cup Car, F3 Open Wheel.  

“All the pedalboards in the BJ Steel family feature 16-bit electronics from Leo Bodnar which offers 65,000 steps of resolution” – B.J. Sim Racing 1000psi Hydraulic GT Pedals Product Page  


See literal seconds fall from your consistent lap times at your favourite tracks now with our range of pedals.  

Contact our team of Sim experts at 1300 262 574 for any further information. 😊