Next Level Racing's latest cockpit- The F-GT Formula and GT Simulator Cockpit in Matte Black is here.


Next Level Racing® have worked closely with not only professional drivers but the world's fastest eSports drivers to make sure their products and designs exceed user expectation. Visa® Vegas E-Race finalist David Greco has been using the previous F1GT cockpit as his cockpit of choice and gave feedback on the new F-GT:

“I have been using the F-GT’s previous version for over a year now, and it did not need many improvements at all. The only important one was that, it was hard to find a position and setup that would 100% suit me, but with the new sliding holes and 3 more level of angle adjustments for the wheel, pedals and seat position, this new version fixes even this problem for me. Also I think in Matte it looks better, and the optional lockable wheel castors are a nice extra feature to allow to shift the rig around easily.”

Professional Rally Driver Ricardo Costa Jnr. races in the previous version of the cockpit also

"From the moment I started to assemble this I knew it would be an awesome cockpit…. This thing is a truly astonishing piece of simulation"

What's the different from the F1GT to the F-GT?

A new electroplated Matte Black finish on the frame as well as all nuts, bolts and washers changed to black for a stealth look. An adaptor included for the Buttkicker® Gamer 2, three more levels of angle adjustment as well as new sliding holes for faster adjustment of wheel, pedals and shifter positions. The cockpit also comes with eight height adjustable feet that screw into the frame along with being compatible with the Next Level Racing® Lockable Wheel Castors (available separately).

The revolutionary design of the Next Level Racing® F-GT ensures a rigid and solid cockpit but also many adjustments meaning you have your wheel, pedals and gear shifter in the best position to suit you as the driver.