Next Level Racing announces the introduction of New Range of Elite Series Cockpits

Next Level Racing has announced their first sets of aluminium profile cockpits which offers their trademark F-GT, formula, GT and Hybrid racing positions. They announced their press release on 11th August on their social media handles. They added that F-GT Elite is being shipped and will reaching major regions globally in the upcoming weeks.

The F-GT Elite is designed to set new benchmarks for the racing simulation industry, with the introduction of the Elite Series scheduled to be available in September 2021.

Hess Ghah, the CEO of Next Level Racing added that “For over 10 years, Next Level Racing® has been continuously improving our designs, materials, quality, features, packaging and instructions for our products. Aluminium profile was a natural progression for us and our clear goal has been to simply provide the best aluminium profile cockpits available and set a new benchmark for a racing simulator.”

The features will set new standards for virtual racers, with limitless adjustability unmatched quality compared to the competitors.

Hess Ghah, further explained that “Our R&D team have worked relentlessly to give our customers everything possible with design and engineering for the new Elite category of products that we are not only excited for, but very proud of. The Elite series cockpit combined with the Next Level Racing Motion platforms is the perfect combination for ultimate immersion and realism.” 

Pagnian Advanced Simulation, an official retailer for Next Level Racing, is dedicated to providing the best simulation experience to our racers. The range expansion offers the best options for on-track immersion and industry-leading customer support off the track.