Motion Platform Cockpit Compatibility

Motion Platform Cockpit Compatibility


Are you looking to take your racing or flight experience to the next level? Then you seriously need to buy the Motion Platform V3. This advanced consumer-based platform is compatible with all major cockpits on the market. The Team at Next Level Racing have made sure that the Motion Platform is as easy and user friendly as possible to install and operate.

The Motion Platform is compatible with the cockpits via adapter plates that can be purchased. Due to the unique design of the Motion Platform V3 it can easily be adapted to other cockpits as well that don’t already have adapter plates made.

Here’s is a list below of all the current cockpits that have adapter plates available (Including prices):


  1. Rseat RS1 Racing Simulator Cockpit Motion Platform Adapter - $299.00
  2. Rseat N1 Racing Simulator Cockpit Motion Platform Adapter - $299.00
  3. Playseat Evolution Racing Simulator Cockpit Motion Platform Adapter - $299.00 


No adapter plates are needed for the Motion Platform V3 to be attached to the Next Level Racing GTultimate & GTtrack cockpit.


Next Level Racing ensure that as many games are supported on the Platform as possible, below is a list of games that are supported with the Motion Platform V3 using telemetry data. Games that don’t provide telemetry data output can also be used, please see our “Direct Input Tutorial” for more information about this.

Racing games by dedicated plug-ins (connector):

-         22 Racing Series

-         American Truck Simulator

-         Assetto Corsa

-         Assetto Corsa Competizione

-         Automobilista


-         City Car Driving Enterprise Edition

-         Copa Petrobras de Marcas

-         DiRT 3

-         DiRT 2

-         DiRT Rally VR

-         DiRT Rally

-         DiRT Showdown

-         DiRT 4

-         Euro Truck Simulator 2

-         F1 2011

-         F1 2012

-         F1 2013

-         F1 2014

-         F1 2015

-         F1 2016

-         F1 2017

-         F1 2018

-         Formula Truck 2013

-         Forza Motorsports 7

-         FURIDASHI Drift Cyber Sport

-         Game Stock Car 2012

-         Game Stock Car Extreme 2013

-         GP-Bikes (PiBoSo)

-         GRID 2

-         GRID Autosport

-         GRID

-         GT Legends

-         GTR2

-         iRacing

-         Kart Racing Pro (PiBoSo)

-         Live For Speed

-         MX Bikes (PiBoSo)

-         Project CARS

-         Project CARS 2

-         Project CARS - Pagani Edition

-         Race 07

-         RaceRoom Racing Experience

-         rFactor 1

-         rFactor 2

-         Richard Burns Rally

-         The Crew

-         World Racing Series (PiBoSo)

-         WRC 4 (not all versions are supported, the one from Steam works)

Flight Simulators by dedicated plug-ins (connector):

-         AeroflyFS2

-         Condor

-         Condor 2

-         DCS World 1.x

-         DCS World 2.x OpenAlpha

-         Falcon 4.0

-         Falcon 4.0 BMS

-         Flight Simulator X (also Steam edition)

-         Flight Sim World

-         IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover (from Steam)

-         Prepar3D

-         X-Plane 10

-         X-Plane 11

-         Warthunder (only airplanes):

Other by dedicated plug-ins (connector):

-         NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Simulator

-         Design it, Drive it: Speedboats

Images of the easy to use Platform Manager software:




The Motion Platform V3 is an incredible product to make your racing experience more immersive. It can be purchased for an affordable $3,999 delivered Australia wide unlike other large and expensive Motion simulators.