Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X, S this 2021 Summer

Microsoft Flight Simulator has almost four decades of rich PC history, all the way back to 1982. For the first time, by bringing this robust simulation to consoles, we decided to give more aspiring pilots a chance to fly. Microsoft Flight Simulator will be made available on Xbox Series X and S in the coming summer of 2021. The game will be available via Xbox Game Pass on the launch day. The exact date of the launch, however, is not known yet. The announcement was made on by Jorg Neumann, the head of Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is worth remembering that Microsoft Flight Simulator has been on the PC for the last 19 years.

Be it light aircraft to wide-body jets, against real-time obstacles; players will be able to test their piloting abilities. Microsoft said that players would be able to tour the whole world with the power of satellite data and cloud-based AI, which will have more than 37,000 airports, 2 million villages, 1.5 billion homes, actual mountains, bridges, forests, rivers, animals and traffic. When the Flight Simulator appears on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Microsoft promises the same amount of depth as the PC version. Players can expect free environment updates, customized DLC packs, and other PC-available enhancements. Microsoft said it would add more peripherals to the Xbox Series X/S to help make the console simulation experience more interactive.