Hotfix V1.0.4.1 Deployed for Automobilista 2

Hotfix V1.0.4.1 Deployed for Automobilista 2

Reiza Studios has deployed Update V1.0.4.1 for Automobilista 2. The update is a hotfix to complement and support the game. The update fixes some small bugs in the game, and addresses some minor issues with the new content.

V1.0.4.1 Changelog:


  • Fixed camera jittering when in low head movement slider values


  • Fixed hover activation states on new Championship screen
  • Fixed incorrect vehicle information for cars added in v1.0.4.0

Physics & AI

  • Revised physics & fixed various issues in the initial release of M1 Procar, Group A, Mini JCW, Mini Austin 1965 & Lotus 23
  • Adjusted Group A & Procar tyre tread
  • Increased engine rev band for Group A cars to avoid triggering over revving bug
  • Fixed default tyre selection errors for Lotus 23, Mini 1965, Mini 2020
  • Adjusted engine inertia for Group A cars, Mini JCW 2020, Lancer R & RS, Puma P052
  • Revised Lotus 23 suspension geometry & fixed tire diameter
  • Calibrated AI for new series


  • Fixed bug with news car sounds overwhelming system and cutting off certain effects 


  • Imola: Fixed broken pit door collision for door 8,9,10 (garage 15-20); Max AI participants changed from 29 to 31
  • Adelaide: Minor art & performance pass
  • Azure: Added “cheat block” to pit lane track cut mesh.
  • Bathurst: Attempted fix to floating groove in the Cutting
  • Cascavel: Minor Art Pass; Updated AI paths
  • Added VR Cams for Cascais & Jerez


  • Lotus 23: various graphical updates & fixes
  • Mini JCW 2020: fixed bonnet issue; updated liveries(removed plates and fixed numbers font)
  • Ultima Race: added dirt / damage effects + Dangling damaged parts
  • Stock Car 2020: Update Cruze liveries; added new Windshield banner
  • Corrected onboard camera positions for Lotus 23, Mini Austin 1965 & Mini JCW 2020
  • F3 (F309) – Revised and updated liveries for the whole grid including 4 new community skins
  • Added MetalMoro AJR Dirt/Damage effects + Detachable parts (all versions)