Gear up for Gran Turismo 7! Get your compatible Thrustmaster

With the 25th anniversary of the racing phenomenon GRAN TURISMO fast approaching, you will need to know just what Thrustmaster Products will allow you to get the most of your first day racing on launch week.

The list below includes ALL the Thrustmaster electronics that Pagnian Imports stock for your PlayStation set up.


Complete Packages

The Thrustmaster T-GT II

The new flagship top of the line Wheelbase and Pedal Set from Thrustmaster. This is one of the select few wheelbases that have a direct partnership with Gran Turismo and their gameplay. Feel every bump of the track and the vibration of the tyres through the rim to honestly give you a unique Gran Turismo experience every time you set off.

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The Thrustmaster T248 for PS5

The replacement to the incredibly popular T150 has big shoes to fill. The new entry-level wheelbase and pedal set had improvements in all aspects and were delivered in bunches. With more than 20 different displays, three types of force feedback, over 70% more powerful than the prequel, and four brake pressure modes, the T248 includes all these features and more for the whole family to enjoy competition race day.

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Pedal Sets

The Thrustmaster T-LCM Load Cell Pedals

This pedal set became Thrustmasters first Load Cell staple and has been a beloved upgrade since its launch. The T-LCM pedals come with up to 100kg of force to improve your lap times as you can brake into each corner with ultra-precision.

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The Thrustmaster T3PM Pedals.

The new magnetic pedal set from Thrustmaster replaces the T3PA set. More stability, four distinct pressure modes and 100% metal pedal heads allow for you and your friends to experience the best of what a pedal set can achieve on a budget.

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Wheel Rims

Get decked out with the right racing wheel for the job, all compatible with the PlayStation Servo bases.


The team at Thrustmaster and Pagnian have not forgotten about the lovers of GT and Rally racing. If you need something more than the paddle-shifting option, get decked out with the right Shifter or Handbrake for the most accurate simulation and fun.

The TH8A Shifter

Whether in H-Pattern or Sequential Mode, this handy accessory has been a beloved addition to almost all Thrustmaster users. Perfect for casual gamers or hardcore alike to elevate your simulation rig.

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The Thrustmaster TSS Mod+ Sparco Handbrake & Sequential Shifter 

Feel the impact of hitting the right gear shift to make that overtake or slide into the corner with ease with this Handbrake and Shifter connection. With ease, switch between the two functions before you on the track, and you will soon be drifting past that apex of genuinely feeling like your idol GT drivers with this addition.

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Be sure to get kitted outright for the launch and be a part of the Gran Turismo community of Gran with us at Pagnian Imports.