Fanatec's announces CSL DD an affordable sim-racing game-changer direct-drive wheelbase

Fanatec, a manufacturer of sim racing hardware, has unveiled its latest wheel base after a short spell of speculation. It's known as the CSL DD, and it's a brand-new, entry-level direct drive wheel base that costs a third less than current offerings.

The wheelbase is just marginally more expensive than an entry-level Logitech wheel, but it offers unrivalled reviews and durability. Thanks to a carbon-fiber composite motor shaft, Fanatec's custom motor sends digital input from a racer's favourite simulated vehicle and track surface. Peak torque is 3.7 pound-feet, but if you add an extra booster pack, you can get up to 6 pound-feet.

On the back, the CSL DD base has four RJ12 ports for external Fanatec hardware, as well as USB-C and a Fanatec dataport. It works with steering wheels from Podium, Clubsport, and CSL, as well as both Fanatec pedals and ClubSport shifters and handbrakes. That means the CSL DD is only available for PC, playstation and Xbox consoles with a compatible wheel, though Fanatec has stated that it is working on even more direct drive wheels.