Review: Automobilista 2 tunes the engine and vehicle dynamics

Automobilista (AMS) is well known for its vehicle dynamics by sim racing enthusiasts. It's not very popular as compared to iRacing or Assetto Corsa. To be honest, it’s a puzzle why it's not popular on any gaming platform. Maybe, (we think) because of the unusual set of cars and tracks? Or maybe it's marketing and advertising? In any case, people who like immersive simulations appear to have AMS in their game libraries. When Reiza Studios revealed that Automobilista 2 will be using the Madness engine, everyone was pretty pleased. Let’s have a quick view of the differences between Automobilista 2, iRacing or Assetto Corsa.

Controller setup

Unfortunately, AMS2 inherits hidden configuration files from PCARS2. You can't change the values in the text file. You can calibrate the controller, but you may want to be careful on how far you can push your pedals to the limit just in case.

Car Selection

AMS2 has a rather unusual combination of cars. If you like the top end, you'll see a lot of Concept cars and prototypes. There are karts, too. But there are also several low-performance cars in both the RWD and the FWD of different Brazilian types. I can't think of any other network for that many crappy FWD vehicles.

Track Selection

The majority of the collection is Brazilian tracks. However, a few tracks such as Snetterton and Donington. Dirt tracks are not available yet.


Boosted by a recent strategic collaboration with the makers of the award-winning Project CARS franchise, the Automobilista 2 is based on the MADNESS engine, offering outstanding graphic design, the most sophisticated dynamic weather and track cooling technologies in a racing simulator and superior VR support to provide a significant realism improvement over its predecessor and a truly interactive visual experience. Check out these feature packed cockpit from Next Level Racing to take your racing to the Next Level

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